Which version of Zend Server for IBM i do I have?

Here is the easiest way to determine which version of Zend Server is installed on a given IBM i system.

From a 5250 command line, follow these four steps:

2. Take option 10 (Display installed licensed programs)
3. Scroll down to the licensed program 2ZSVRPI 
     (on my system it's the last entry)
4. Read the product description,
     containing version numbers for Zend Server and PHP
     in the form "Zend Server for IBM i [version] ( PHP [version])"

On my IBM i, I see:
2ZSVRPI   *INSTALLED   Zend Server for IBM i 5.6.0 ( PHP 5.3 )
so Zend Server is at 5.6.0 and PHP is 5.3.

Thanks to Zend’s Sam Pinkhasov for this tip.