Open Source PHP Toolkit for IBM i

About the toolkit

This open source, free toolkit helps PHP applications connect to resources on IBM i (formerly iSeries, System i, i5…). The toolkit has been jointly developed by Zend and IBM. It’s sometimes known as the “new PHP Toolkit” or even “XML Toolkit,” because the PHP front end and XMLSERVICE back end communicate internally via XML (but no XML knowledge is needed). I am the toolkit’s project manager and its co-developer with IBM’s Tony Cairns.

Feel free to contact me about the toolkit via email, my contact page, or on the Zend forum.


Zend Server and official toolkit PTF: Go to the Zend Server download page. Either download Zend Server 8.x, which has the latest official toolkit release, or if you’re working with Zend Server 5.x,  click “download older versions”, then the IBM i tab, and then download the Zend Server update, hotfixes, and the latest official toolkit release, labeled “XML Toolkit for IBM i Update.” Get it here: Zend Server download page

Recent open source release: XMLSERVICE 1.9.2 and PHP Toolkit 1.5.0
Even newer PHP front-end release on Github: PHP Toolkit 1.6.1 on Github

Toolkit documentation on Official documentation: Open Source PHP Toolkit for IBM i

Zend Forum: a wonderful community resource for the toolkit (I post there frequently): New toolkit forum at

Podcast and webinar:
Listen to my podcast about the December, 2012 release
Watch my Zend webinar about the toolkit

Toolkit headquarters is hosted on the Young i Professionals site, an open source wonderland for IBM i:

A basic toolkit article that I wrote:
New PHP Toolkit: a Perfect Match for RPG

Slides for my toolkit presentation, the most information in one place about using the PHP toolkit. Also available as PDF on my presentations page.

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